About Us

Who we are

We are into heavy vessel fabrication which are generally used in heavy industries like chemical Industries, fertilizer industries, sugar mills, paper mills etc.Other than this, we are expertise in Manufacturing exhaust air filters, magnetic separators, cooling towers, chlorinators, chillers, Ash conveyours and frp chemical tanks, We are designers,consultants and manufacturers for all enginering jobs. We are also take full Turn-key projects which include fabrication of sheds and inner vessels of industries in varied Fields.

Our Mission

To be our customers preferred fabrication service provider

To Develop Culture, based on
• Competence – Professionalism, Credibility & Integrity
• Co-operation - Team Spirit & Openness
• Responsibility - Ownership & Willingness to Change

To Exceed Customer Satisfaction

Future Plans

Increased Exports to Europe, USA, Australia-NZ.

ASME U, R stamps, if required by customer.

PED / CE Marking, if required by customer.