Conveyors Chains

Conveyors and Chains

Aqua Pura Corporation has established a market niche for itself in the field of Water Purification & Related Items. With its vast network & workbase all over India, it has been entrusted with the sole marketing agency and distribution of products manufactured by M/S JAYDEEP INDUSTRIES, Pune.

JAYDEEP INDUSTRY is engaged in designing and manufacturing different types of Conveyor Chains, Chain Spares, ranging from 25.4 mm Pitch to 900 mm Pitch with Breaking Load upto 450 tons with different types of Attachments like the A1, A2, F1, F2, G2, K1, K2, L1, L2 etc. for various applications. The company also designs and manufactures the various sprockets required for the chains.

Technical Specifications

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Rollers -

Rollers are being manufactured from solid drawn bars of high carbon steel and are heat treated to impart very height crushing strength and are ground to close tolerances for smooth and silent operations, which ultimately reduces frictional losses while running on the runners and sprockets.

Bushes -

Bushes are manufactured from high chrome steel material like 20MnCr5, SAE8620, SS410 and also from SS304 & SS310 for some specific requirements. High chrome steel is always case hardened and tempered to achieve the maximum wear resistance. They are precisely ground to get the maximum bearing surface and exacting the fitment into the links.

Pins -

Pins are usually made from case hardening steel applications with the case depth of 1 to 1.5 mm depth which provides higher hardness on the surface, which perceives to higher wear resistance and toughen core providing the shock resistance due to impact loading and also the higher breaking load. They are also made from high chromium ingredients as well as from SS304 & SS310 for special applications. All the pins are precisely ground to the close tolerances to achieve an excellent bearing surface.


The Assembly is being done on special fixtures to absolute assembly tolerances with proper clearance for lubricant to flow in. Pins are either riveted by side smashing or provided with split pins or castle-nuts.


All the Chains are adequately preloaded to the 1/3rd of the breaking strength. This also aligns all the parts properly and eliminates early adjustments due to take-up stretch.


All the Chains adequately lubricated to minimize the wearing of mating surfaces.


All the Chains are subjected to 100% inspection.